April 26, 2023

Matchday 28 - Cody Cropper, goalkeeper Orange County SC

Matchday 28 - Cody Cropper, goalkeeper Orange County SC
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Today is Open Cup day and we speak to Cody Copper, former US Youth and MLS keeper now plying his trade for Orange County Soccer Club.
He talks about the magic of the cup, returning to an MLS stadium and why the USL is such a growing league.
He tells us about his time in England with Ipswich and Southampton, having bags of urine thrown at him in Guatemala and why America crowds are meaner to goalkeepers.
We talk about MK Dons and how much he knew about their franchise story, conceding 13 goals in two games for Mew England and which goals haunt him.
A fascinating insight into the mind of a goalkeeper with transatlantic experience.