March 14, 2021

Matchday 2 - Thomas Gronnemark, Throw-In coach

Matchday 2 - Thomas Gronnemark, Throw-In coach
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We talk to the extraordinary Thomas Gronnemark. He's coached throw-ins for Ajax, FC Midtjylland, RB Leipzig, Atlanta United and, perhaps most famously, Liverpool.
The former track and field and bobsled athlete talks about his obsession with throw-ins, 'trying to change the world of soccer' with better technique and what it was like working with Jurgen Klopp's team.
He describes how he uses the NBA, art work and even flocks of birds to find inspiration for space creation techniques and why American players will be more receptive to throw-in coaching as they are used to being more analytical.
Thomas, the previous world record holder for the longest throw-in, describes his brief stint with Atlanta United, why the MLS (like so many leagues around the world) has a very poor standard of throw-ins and why Arsene Wenger is wrong to consider scrapping throw-ins and replacing them with kicks.
A passionate discussion with an unorthodox coach who wants to revolutionize how soccer is played, one throw-in at a time.